about Natane Takeda

Natane Takeda, born and raised in Tokyo.
In 2002 she moved to New York where she studied art history at The New School University, receiving her degree in 2005.
While at university, she started working as an independent curator for emerging Japanese artists showing in New York and as an assistant for Ombretta Agrò Andruff, an Italian independent curator. 

From 2005 until 2009, Natane was the Assistant  Director at Esso Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea. During this time, she curated shows featuring emerging Japanese artists and she helped to coordinate art events at different venues throughout New York.

Moreover, Natane was a contributing writer for the monthly art magazine in print, M / The New York Art World and online.

Since the summer of 2009, she has been based in Tokyo.
She has been working for Art Basel as VIP Relations Japan and she is a member of APT Global (Artist Pension Trust) as an associate curator.

--In New York Natane noticed that many gallery visitors lacked extensive information about the art world. People who traveled to New York for art could only scratch the surface, and so they were often unable to use their time efficiently. That is where she got the idea for starting plug in +,  to make it easier for these art lovers to fully experience the contemporary art worlds in both Tokyo and New York.--